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• 100% natural, organic & vegan friendly menthol toothpaste tablets.


• Free from fluoride, plastic & all other nasty toxins.


• Remineralising ingredients


• 60 tablets per tub (approx. 1 month supply)

Toothpaste Tablets

  • Calcium Carbonate, Diatomaceous Earth, Coconut Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Menthol, Hydrogen Peroxide, (+ Activated Charcoal in Charcoal version).


    All ingredients are 100% natural, organic, ethically sourced, and vegan friendly.


    Below is a quick rundown of each ingredient's known naturally occurring properties and benefits to help explain why we chose to include each one in our toothpaste recipe:


    Calcium Carbonate can strengthen tooth enamel. Also has remineralising, cleaning and whitening properties.


    Diatomaceous Earth can remove plaque and help prevent/tackle gingivitis and bad bacteria. Can also support good bone health and strengthening due to high Silica content and other important trace minerals.


    Coconut Oil can help tackle bad breath and bleeding/inflamed gums.


    Sodium Bicarbonate can have whitening properties, pevent tooth decay, and neutralise bad breath.


    Menthol for minty fresh breath but is also cooling which can help with any pain or inflammation.


    Hydrogen Peroxide can have antibacterial and whitening properties.


    Activated Charcoal can remove stains from teeth.

  • • Place tablet in mouth and chew into a paste, or, crush tablet into toothbrush. Brush. Spit. Do not rinse (unless it's with our mouth wash only).


    • Can also be used for pulling. Chew toothpaste tablet into a paste then swish around mouth and pull through teeth for 15 mins.


    • Store in a cool dry place


    • Keep out of direct sunlight


    • Keep in parchment paper for extra layer of protection


    • Keep out of reach of children (choking hazard)


    • Container can be recycled or composted

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