Fill one of these adorable, reusable, and stackable tins with your favourite scent! Each tin will contain 120g of soy wax melts in one particular scent (12 x 10g pieces) and will have a burn time of approx 180 - 240 hours in total. Simply select the scent you want to fill this tin with and the colour tin you want from the option menus.


Once your wax is spent these tins can be reused/repurposed in many different ways; cute storage containers, planters, even a small biscuit tin - FYI they are the perfect size for digestive biscuits! Once you have your tin, it's yours to do with whatever you desire. You could even refill it with the same scent, or another one if you prefer to switch it up, by purchasing the scent in a hessian bag from our "Loose Wax Melts" section instead of re-buying a tin. However, these tins are stackable and very cute, so you wouldn't be blamed for starting a collection!


You will find more ideas for ways you can reuse our packaging on our instagram page @sweetserenityncl - please share your photos and tag us on social media.

Wax Melt Tin

Tin Colour
  • Wax type: organic soy wax

    Shape: large hearts

    No. of wax pieces per unit: 12

    Net weight: approx. 120g per tin

    Total burn time/hot scent throw: approx. 180 - 240 hours per tin

    Minimum requirement of pieces in burner: one

    Percentage of scent: maximum

    Packaging: A beautiful and reusable tin vessel. 100% plastic-free and toxin-free. Recyclable labels printed on recycled Kraft paper using vegetable ink.