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Embrace the relaxation of aromatherapy with this simply serene and sensual array of scents. Diverse and sophisticated, guaranteed to simultaneously awaken your senses and soothe your soul.


Wax type: organic soy wax

Shape: large hearts

Net weight: approx. 60g per box

Total burn time: approx. 90 - 120 hours (equivalent to 24 - 30 tea lights) per box

Minimum requirement of pieces in burner: one

Percentage of scent: maximum

Packaging: Handmade using recycled Kraft card, water-based non-toxic glue, and vegetable ink. Recyclable/compostable after use. 100% plastic-free and toxin-free.

Serenity Sample Box

  • Initially, we divided the ten scents that we launched with into two categories for our sample boxes, inspired by our brand: "Sweet" and "Serenity". Having only 10 "core" scents meant that our boxes had two scents that overlapped between the two collections, although it made sense as both scents are identifiable as both sweet and serene. However, as we grew we expanded upon our core scents list meaning we had a lot more choice for sample box allocation. Therefore, each sample box includes six scents in total that are completely exclusive and representative of that collection.

    The scent list for the "Serenity" sample box is below.

  • ∙ Cassis & Fig

    ∙ Cuban Tobacco & Oak

    ∙ Black Raspberry & Peppercorn

    ∙ White Musk & Amber

    ∙ Twilight Blush

    ∙ Night Blooming Jasmine

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