The Self Care Goodie Bag includes the following items:

• 1 x Soy Wax Melt Bag (5 melts of 1 scent)

• 1 x Handmade Organic Lip Balm

• 1 x Handmade Organic Spa Bomb


Wax Melt Bag

• 5 x 10g heart-shaped soy wax melts

• 1 x scent

• 50g of wax in total

• 15 - 20 hours burn time per melt

• 75 - 100 hours burn time per bag

• Packaged in a reusable hessian bag


Handmade Organic Lip Balm

• 12g of organic premium quality ingredients

• Safety tested and approved

• Recyclable/compostable container

• Subtly flavoured using organic flavourings

• Please see the individual product page for more details regarding ingredients etc.


Handmade Organic Spa Bomb

• 170g of organic premium quality ingredients & essential oils

• Safety tested and approved

• Each variant provides its own range of natural benefits

• Please see the individual product pages for more details regarding benefits, ingredients, allergens, suitability criteria and user instructions


Select your preferred wax melt scent, lip balm flavour, and spa bomb variation from the option menus.

Self Care Goodie Bag

  • Our packaging is completely plastic free so please handle and store contents with care and recycle or reuse wherever possible.