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The NOURISH Bath Therapy mixture has been hand poured using a specific combination of carefully selected premium organic ingredients & essential oils in order to provide the following natural benefits:


• Promotes good skin health & wellbeing

• Relieves irritated/dry/sore/chapped skin

• Relieves symptoms of common skin conditions

• Soothes, hydrates & nourishes the skin

• Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties

• Promotes tissue regeneration & repair


Simply pour & soak!

Nourish Bath Therapy

  • Our luxurious Bath Therapy soaks are handmade with premium quality organic ingredients for the ultimate bathing experience, promoting wellness and self-care.

    Each pourable Bath Therapy variation has been created with a specific and carefully selected combination of organic ingredients & essential oils, bursting with natural benefits catering to a wide range of different needs.

    Each one aims to target a different range of needs, so read each description carefully in order to select the Bath Therapy(ies) that may apply to you or the recipient the most.

    You'll find a brief summary of how the selected Bath Therapy may benefit you in the Product Description section, and a more in depth break down of the benefits boasted by each ingredient used in that specific variation in the Ingredient Benefits info section.

    Typically not suitable for pregnant women or children under 12 years old. If you are not sure about your suitability due to medication, health status, allergies, etc. please check the ingredients and consult with your GP before purchasing/using.

    This product is for external use only, not for consumption or internal use. Store in a cool dry place until ready to use.

    Use within 6 months but for best results use within 4 weeks.

    Place 3-4 tbsp into the water once you are already in the bath tub and soak for 20 minutes. If purchasing the sample sized pouch (100g), we recommend pouring the whole pouch into the bath in one go for best results.

    All variations of our Bath Therapies have been safety tested and approved by an official registered cosmetic testing facility.

    Cruelty free, plastic free, toxin free.

    Biodegradable/recyclable packaging.

    ALLERGEN WARNING: contain nuts (almond oil) and organic essential oils. Please read the ingredients label before use.

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