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Bundle 3.3 - Build Your Own includes:

• Build Your Own wax melt sample box

• Handmade organic lip balm

• Bag of 5 wax melts in scent of your choice

• Luxury soy wax candle

• Free delivery for Mother's Day


Build Your Own Sample Box

• 6 x 10g heart-shaped soy wax melts

• 2 x different scents

• 60g of wax in total

• 15 - 20 hours burn time per melt

• 90 - 120 hours burn time per box

• Handmade box made using recycled kraft card

• Select two scents from options list

• See loose wax melts page for more info on each scent


Handmade Organic Lip Balm

• 10g of organic premium quality ingredients

• Safety tested and approved

• Recyclable/compostable container

• Lightly flavoured using organic flavourings

• See the individual product page for more details


Bag of Wax Melts

• 5 x 10g heart-shaped soy wax melts

• 1 x scent of your choice

• 15 - 20 hours burn time per melt

• 75 - 100 hours burn time per bag

• Reusable hessian bag

• See loose wax melts page for more info on each scent or email us for scent description if not available on website


Luxury Soy Wax Candle

• 30cl frosted glass vessel

• 40 hours burn time

• Organic soy wax

• Reusable container

• Recyclable cardboard packaging

Build Your Own Bundle - Large

Scent #1
Scent #2
  • As long as they are in an acceptable condition, we reuse boxes and packaging wherever possible, as it is always better to reuse than to recycle when this is an option.  Therefore the packaging that our bundles arrive in may differ to the photograph as they are subject to availability. Where a suitable box is are not available we will use our brown paper bags instead (local delivery only), however, if you would prefer a box as pictured please let us know when you place your order so that we can accommodate your request.

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